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The beautiful coast of Sorrento has the largest offer of apartments in Campania. Sightseing tourists love Sorrento with its beautiful historic center, panoramic park and good restaurants. Especially families with little children will appreciate an independent holiday in a spacious holiday home. But also a lot of couples like to cook italian food in their own kitchen and to have breakfast on their balcony. There are studios with one room and kitchenette or also apartments with two, three or four rooms and a big kitchen. Some apartments offer also the use of a swimming pool or a garden.

Sorrento is the most famous town of the Sorrento Coast, well-know as international tourist sights as well to be native city of the poet Torquato Tasso. The small town  is wonderfully located over the white steep cliffs of the Sorrentine Peninsula and offers a fantastic view over the Bay of Naples - in a landscape unique in Italy and in the world. Sorrento lies on a Tufa terrace and is enclosed by impressive rocks of the limestone mountains. Already 2000 years ago visitors from all over the world have been attracted to Sorrento by breathtaking sunsets and fragrances of orange and lemon gardens. In this beautiful landscape Sorrento offers many apartments and residences, comfortable resorts, small family hotels with a friendly atmosphere, but also elegant luxury hotels famous in all the world. Many apartments can be rented also with bed and breakfast, giving in this way flexibility and convenience to the visitors.

Sorrento is also very popular due to its good location as starting point to all the important surrounding sights. The summit of the peninsula of Sorrento is only about five kilometers away from Capri, which can be easily reached from the harbor Marina Piccola. Also the islands Ischia and Procida can be reached by speedboat very quickly. Sorrento is the terminus of the Circumvesuviana, a small train with its start in Naples. One can reach Pompeii and Herkulaneum by this rail in about thirty minutes and Naples in circa one hour's time. In Ercolano one can plan an ascent to the edge of the crater of the Mount Vesuvius, where visitors can enjoy a fantastic panoramic view over all the Bay of Naples. Furthermore the Coast of Amalfi is not so far: many public bus lead to the famous pearls of the coast like Positano, Amalfi and Ravello.

Bit also little towns near Sorrento are perfect for hilidays: Hikers prefer S. Agata Sui Due Golfi on the hills, for swimming there is the long beach of Meta di Sorrento.